Role of Youth in the Development of Pakistan

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By: Muhammad Raza Haidery

The role of the youth in the development of Pakistan has always been remarkable and positive for the country. The young blood of our nation has never failed to perform at the national and international level, consequently bringing glory and pride to our nation and also bringing laurels home to be proud of.

When we trace the history of Pakistan to its early times, we can easily make out the efforts done by the youth. When the founder of the nation, Quaid -e -Azam presented his vision for a separate state for the Muslims, the youth joined hands with Mr. Jinnah and worked diligently to create Pakistan. They gave countless sacrifices and lives, so that we could live in peace and harmony.

Today, we are living in the shadow of suicide attacks and target killings. The state is in a complete state of chaos, everyone is depressed due to the sorry state of affairs. The young blood is working tirelessly day and night to create a ray of hope to bring a solution to the problems, which are creating a bad global image of Pakistan. They are actively involved in NGOs; some of them are doctors, chemists, economists, fine arts student, military people and are also involved in many other occupations, which constituted as a whole is bringing glory to the nation.

I would like to shed some light on some of the events where the youth really created an impact. During the floods which destroyed half of Pakistan, the students and young workers raised charity and donated relief items to the people who had lost everything. It was the youth who marched alongside the lawyers for the restoration of the Chief Justice during the lawyer’s movement. Our under 19 team won the Cricket World Cup in Malaysia against India. Ali Moeen Nawazish scored 21 As in his A-level examinations in England.

Most of the population of Pakistan comprises of the youth, it is necessary for them to keep contributing for the betterment and progress of the country like they have before. The youth is one of the biggest assets of the country and they must be fully utilized, without exposing them to any harm simultaneously. They have fought for the improvement of the society, and are still making countless efforts to create goodwill.

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